So, Guess are making leg moisturising jeans now...

February 4, 2016

SO GUESS HAS “LEG-MOISTURISING JEANS” NOW…  We’ve all been there, right sisters? You scour your wardrobe before deciding you want to wear those killer skinny jeans that make your ass look outta control – but oops! You just shaved your legs, and now the moisturiser makes it too hard to get them past your calves. It’s a huge bummer. Or maybe your nails are worn down to pointy nubs from trying to scratch your shins through your jeans because you were too lazy (…I mean, busy) to moisturise them. Well, I’m here to tell you that GUESS says “no more!”.


JeanCare by GUESS is a collection of denim infused with nutrients like vitamin E, ginkgo extract, lavender, and chamomile that's applied to the part of the fabric that touches the leg. As the wearer moves, micro-capsules burst, releasing the formula and allowing it to be soaked up by thirsty skin. Cray, right?


GUESS have designed these magic jeans for use in their white skinny jeans, high-rise leggings, a pencil skirt, a dress, and a crop top done in a light, '90s-inspired blue.


I’m totally loving this idea, but can we please stop calling them #smartjeans ? Argh. Staaahhpppp! They’re jeans people. Jeans. Having said that, the idea is pretty baller and GUESS have actually managed to maintain that same ‘90s realness we love them for.  


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