Cat's Out of the Bag: Pusszine

May 11, 2016

Cat-lovers and feminists unite! 



New independent publication Puss Zine celebrates felines and femininity. What stronger bond exists than that of a lady and her furry friend? Proud cat-mother of two and Shoreditch based photographer Stephanie Sian Smith explores this intimate relationship through her photographic lens, capturing precious moments of kitty love in each of her images. Smith’s subject matter compliments itself harmoniously, as cats and women represent equally emotionally complex, affectionate and nurturing creatures. The zine revels in the diversity of cats and their owners, illuminating the unique relationships that exist between each girl and her kitty. This aesthetically pleasing, personality filled mini mag is not to be missed—on the pastel pages of Pusszine Smith reminds us all of the value of warmth, love, tenderness and most of all, pussy.





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