Danielle Romeril AW16

May 29, 2016

A portrait of Isabel de Valois, Consort of King Philip II of Spain, the football scarf and stripes on cycling jerseys, topped with a bit of Dutch 80s cult nightclub Studio Paradiso and you have Danielle Romeril’s AW16 collection.



What fabrics did you use?

Flocked georgette, an Italian waterproof tech fabric that looks like leather or satin, wool, printed jersey and viscose, silk a smorgasbord of fabrics which we tied together with loose thread hand embroidery and more ornate machine embroidery.


What is your favourite piece?

I love the long black coat with the double collar and eel embroidery! That and the flocked georgette with the loose thread embroidery, it 10 days just to make sure the embroidery is perfect.


How would you describe your design aesthetic? Who’s the woman wearing Danielle Romeril?

She dresses for herself, she likes to have fun, it's a non-chalant attitude, a spirit. What the Danielle Romeril woman thinks Is as important as how she wears it.


You’re sponsored by the BFC and Topshop as part of their NEWGEN scheme, how has this helped with your business?

By providing a platform to bring my collections to the world at London Fashion Week every season.


Do you have any advice for those hoping to quit their day job and work on their own business?

Start working on your own business while still working in your day job! Know what you want to do and why. Have an idea and be specific. Have fun! Having your own business is a seriously exciting roller-coaster.






Interview - Tori West

Photography - Jessica Gwyneth



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