Editorial: Margate by Megan Eagles

August 30, 2016


Follow Megan Eagles' lens as she photographs Tallulah, Devin and Maddy in Margate for BRICKS' Manifesto Issue.


Devin (left) corset by Atsuko Kudo/ coat by James Kelly/ trousers by Nafsika Skourti, Tallulah (right) top by Evan Phillips/ coat by Vielma/ Boa by Charlotte Simone/shoes by Natacha Marro



"I shoot on 35mm and use natural light. I never photoshop the models I shoot. I love tan lines and body hair and my intention is to present female sexuality, intimately from a female gaze. If I'm shooting clothes I generally try and get some nudity in there. I want to give a glimpse into another world and create filmic images that convey a sense of narrative. I aim to show my subjects as strong and with sexual agency - something that is powerful and bad-ass."


- Megan Eagles, Photographer

Maddy wears Top and trousers by Robert Wallace/ shoes by Thomas Bricout


Tallulah wears dress by Helen Lawrence



Devin wears bra custom made by Lauren Anne Groves



"I try to push creative boundaries with my work, and draw inspiration from thought provoking art and challenging subject matter. I find it important to be observant of my surroundings, and mix the mundane of every day life with often provocative or personal visuals to create something powerful and unusual within my work. I add playful sensuality and and work with the lines of the body using texture and obscure objects rather than just ‘clothes’. It is important to love what you do, have fun and always take a risk with your creativity.”


- Lauren Anne Groves, Stylist



Tallulah wears jacket and skirt by Robert Wallace



"It's quite an experience being a makeup and hair artist as the process is quite intimate. The art requires you to get physically up close and personal which seems to open up this window of opportunity for you to get to know the person your working on in an unusual way. I like to take these moments of conversation while I work on their image to instill a reminder of the beauty we were born with and highlight the ideals society infuses into our brains so when I am done, not only have I transformed the outer but also backed that up with the importance of the inner.”

- Portia Ferrari, MUA.



Tallulah wears dress by Sebastian Freeburn





Photography by Megan K Eagles

Styling by Lauren Anne Groves

Make-up by Portia Ferrari











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