Phiney Pet SS17

September 17, 2016

This season Phiney explores the inner workings of a girls mind. Taking inspiration from the depths of her own diary, representing the good, the bad and of course the awkwardness of our teenage years. Magazines, phones and underwear were sprawled across the floor, making it hard to not reminisce about our teenage bedrooms.

Phiney’ signature leather returns with her hand painted designs, but there’s more than ever; sitting alongside painted t-shirts, skirts and denim. Think Ghost World meets Saved meets sneaking into your mothers wardrobe and playing dress-up. Not one to favour traditional casting methods (one of the reasons why we love her so much) Phiney choose to represent the next generation of female creatives and influences to model her pieces.


“They all have their own sense of identity, following and career’s ahead of them, we couldn’t be prouder to represent such wonderful women of the future”. - Phiney Pet













Text Tori West

Photography Tean Roberts


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