BRICKS' 10 Commandments

October 18, 2016


As part of our Manifesto Issue, we outline our own core values. From universal equality to advertising, these are our 10 commandments.


 Photography by Christine Hahn for BRICKS The Manifesto Issue



We are a platform for emerging creatives in art and fashion. We will feature talented designers, photographers, stylists and writers (and many more) who are breaking into the industry, giving them the airtime they deserve. 



We will feature creatives with a strong ethos. 



Advertising will not be a dominant feature in the publication We will draw attention to issues we feel to be important concerning fashion’s relationship with society, the environment and the industry as a whole. 




We discourage airbrushed images, and hold no beauty guidelines for photographic content. 



We will always credit every individual involved in the creative processes through which our content is produced.  



Our content will have a positive message, whether that be inspiring, encouraging or informative. 



We will never dictate to our readers what they should or shouldn’t wear. 



Fashion should not be excluding or elitist.



We believe in making it more accessible, and call for a change in the fashion industry’s hierarchical framework.  



BRICKS understands the importance of universal equality – equal opportunity, equal representation, equal rights – and this will be reflected in its pages. 



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