Take an Exclusive Sneak Peek Inside CAST Magazine by Jay Izzard

December 20, 2016



We caught up with 17-year-old publisher and editor of CAST magazine, Jay Izzard, and took an exclusive sneak peek inside the first issue. 


Image T-Bone Fletcher


Hey Jay, could you tell us a little bit about CAST?

CAST is a self-produced magazine that I'm looking to evolve into something bigger and better. It highlights people around me and talent that is somewhat in the shadows of the people you can read about in any other publication. As well as showcasing predominantly male fashion and styling. 


What gave you the idea?

Literally earlier this year. But I've always had the drive to produce material to show for myself. I picked up my first copies of i-D, Wonderland and DAZED in like March or something, when I was bored in town. I loved how each page absorbed me and how print has become so under-valued. I really wanted to give someone else, if anyone, that same experience.


Image Issac Lam  

Image Becca Aslett


This is your first print project, was it harder than you expected? 

I had a certain expectation of how hard it would be, but I'm always super confident in what I can do, I overshoot a bit because I think I have a ton of capabilities, but as time went on you get to grips with what is achievable and how to push it further. I guess the hard part was convincing people I could do it.


Do you have a favourite image? 

I'll give you two, T Fletcher's shot of my guy Ib' in the Wood Wood editorial with the pipes lining the backdrop and the hickeys running up his chest, that's mad. And then Ed Phillips' shot of Donnika submerged in the grass. I love the confusion of the tall grasses against the definition of her beneath all of that. That's to pick two though, all the photographers had great contributions.

Image Ed Phillips


Do you have any idea how you'd like it to develop? 

I want to expand it conceptually, artistically and physically.


What other publications do you read?

Re-Edition, Mushpit, MASSES, LAW, Grind, Carpark, Beauty Papers, Hot and Cool, Metal, Sicky, Recens Papers. Ton that have slipped me. Whatever I'm feeling I'll pick up and read.


You're still in college, what's the plan after? 

Juggle a job in Europe, make another magazine.


Image Elliot J Morgan


You're handing the issue out for free, where can people grab a copy?

Distribution is tight at the minute, Carhartt WIP Stores at Brewer St, Shoreditch and Earlham St will have copies after Christmas, or hit me up and I'll send one through for free.


Image T-Bone Fletcher

Image Ed Phillips 

 Image Elliot J Morgan


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