Join Sister This Sunday at The Shacklewell Arms

January 6, 2017

We caught up with Beccy from Sister to discuss all things zines and what to expect at their event this Sunday in East London.



Hi Beccy, how is Sister going?

It's going well! We're in the process of finalising our sixth issue which will be out mid Feb, working on some merch and aiming for world domination as always.


Could you tell us a little bit about your event on Sunday?

Sure - this is our third zine fair. We've done Zinester and Zinemas previously, it's always nice to get the feminist/independent community together! We wanted to start 2017 off in a positive and optimistic light, considering how 2016 was for most people. We've got DJs, a panel discussion and a variety of stalls throughout the day. 


Why did you decide to create an event like this?

Events are a really important part of the Sister ethos - it's about getting people to meet IRL and hopefully make friends, and even go on to collaborate. The internet is an amazing tool but you can't beat having a great conversation with like minded people, and picking up something new to read.   


There's a live panel discussion, who are on the panel and what you're hoping to discuss?

I'll be chairing the panel, then we have Lu Williams who is responsible for the Grrrl Zine Fair project, Felicia Pennant who is the editor of Season zine, and Nellie Eden who is one half of BabyFace. We'll be discussing our plans for the new year, what mistakes we learned from last year, and how important DIY is. 




What zines should we look out for?

Right To The Bone which is this amazingly cool skate culture zine, Hotdog who are one of our all time favourites (we met at our first zine fair in 2015!) and there are some which I'm looking forward to discovering myself! 


Are you selling your latest issue? 

We are indeed - we'll have plenty of copies of The Size Issue on hand! 


Are you planning any more events? If so how can people get involved? 

We'll be having a launch party for our new issue in mid-Feb, and hopefully a summer workshop which we have done for the past couple of years. We always want to hear from those wishing to get involved, so email, tweet or DM us <3 



Join Beccy and Sister Zine this Sunday at The The Shacklewell Arms 12-6pm

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