I Beg Your Pardon by Vince Aung

April 3, 2017




“Inspired by the idea of the of an introverted librarian, this editorial explores the awkward character and curiosity of a young woman wandering her new surrounding.”


Camisole Styling closet, top Zara, earring and brooch H&M, dress Dolce & Gabbana, bag stylist’s own, socks Kate Spade and shoes New Balance.



Top Dora Li, mesh dress Styling Closet, earring H&M, dress Vintage Preview, pants Lindsey Tureman,

socks Kate Spade, shoes New Balance.



Top H&M, mesh dress Styling Closet, top Stella McCartney, pants Stradivarius, gloves Styling Closet, bag, stylist’s own, socks Kate Spade and shoes Converse





Top H&M, coat Lindsey Tureman, camisole Styling Closet, pants Dora Li, socks Kate Spade and shoes Converse



 Top stylist’s own,  dress Dolce & Gabbana, Vintage Giorgio Armani pants, Jacket Dora Li, socks Kate Spade and shoes New Balance





Stylist & producer Sophia Charles 

Photography Vince Aung 

Styling assistant Chaw Chaw Su San 

Makeup artist Sean Kosugi 

Hair stylist Salma Rae

Featuring Lauren K 

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