Take an Exclusive Look at Chloe Sheppard's New Zine

September 27, 2017


Going on sale for the first time at our Publish Cardiff event this weekend, 'Remember Death is Far Away and Life is Sweet'  by Chloe Sheppard features candid self-portraits and photographs of her muse and best friend, Sylvie Beam. "I've had a very turbulent attitude towards my work this year, I feel like Sylvie is the only person who understands that and who I enjoy making pictures of just for the sake of it." She continues, "The title is what it is as it's a lyric, from Witches Song by Marianne Faithfull, that both Sylvie & I love. It's a bit cliche, but for me, it's a reminder to just stop thinking so heavily about everything all the time and what is meant to be will be." 


As well as a documentation of their relationship, the publication provides her with and IRL space to display her work beyond the internet. ​"I feel like art is something that is supposed to be held and seen in person rather than just on a screen all the time, so this zine is just a body of work from the last couple of months made into something more tangible." Ahead of Publish Cardiff, take an exclusive sneak peek inside the image-maker's latest title. 











Remember Death is Far Away and Life is Sweet''' by Chloe Sheppard is available to purchase at Publish Cardiff this weekend.



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