Help Activists Stop EDF Dumping Nuclear Waste in Welsh Waters

September 28, 2018


An alliance of Welsh activists that make up 'the Campaign Against Hinkley Mud Dumping' will serve a legal injunction to halt the dump and take EDF to court.



The campaign is help stop EDF's plan to dredge 300,000 tonnes of mud from outside Hinkley nuclear reactor in Somerset and dump into Welsh waters. 


"I’m concerned because I do not believe enough testing has been done. We’re talking about mud being dredged from outside a nuclear reactor and the politicians in Cardiff Bay have utterly failed to take the necessary steps to protect us from it. They should be standing up for us but it’s concerned members of the public who are going to court to stop the dumping. The Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales, who issued the licence to dump, have sat back and done nothing." Says, Cian Ciarán, CAHMD campaign and member of music group the Super Furry Animals. 





“I have one simple argument – Absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence, therefore, the precautionary principle should dictate a re-think . A re-think by our politicians and policymakers to do the right thing by its people. The implications and consequences of this dredging could be far-reaching, so is it too much to ask to know what we are dealing with? This is yet another example of Welsh Labour`s incompetence, an irresponsible government, hell-bent on leaving a legacy of absolute destruction. Today is a testament to 20 years of failings. Their contempt, reinforced by the systematic neglect by successive governments in London, takes the Welsh people for granted and shows that devolution, as it stands, does not work for Wales. I’m tired of the excuses and lack of accountability - we should all call for a better future. The nuclear establishment cannot be trusted.” 


To help the campaign, donate to the Campaign Against Hinkley Mud Dumping's fundraiser page, to help cover their legal costs against EDF energy.  In the unlikely event of any funding leftover, donations will be made to environment and cancer charities in Wales.








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