AJA's Debut Album is Shaking Up The Rap Industry

February 7, 2019


After much anticipation, Aja has finally dropped their debut album Box Office, currently at number 3 on the UK iTunes Hip Hop charts and features tracks with CupcakKe, Shilow, Rico Nasty and Drag Race co-star Shea Coulee. The album is a follow up to their EP last year titled In My Feelings, which received praise from platforms such as Billboard and Paper. Talking about the artist's original rap flow, Billboard said “[Aja] can actually spit, and their sharp, referential lyrics display a cross-generational, cross-cultural breadth of knowledge that's rare coming from any artist, drag queen or otherwise.” 




Rising to fame on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 and All-Stars 3, the rapper has quickly become a force to be reckoned with, releasing music that is true to them. Now, Aja is proving exactly why they are gaining so much respect from the music industry, releasing an album that puts their raw talent at the forefront. 


For Box Office, Aja has released an unfiltered, stripped down album that opens up their world for us all to hear and see. The record is far removed from their previous EP, not pinned to one specific genre; it shows them in a new light -- a multi-talented rapper. As a non-binary artist, Aja is showing that the masculine dominated world of rap does not need to be so rigid, breaking down stereotypes of what a rap artist is today.


Box Office is out now. Listen to the full album below. 
















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