Helping the Next Generation of Creatives Become Financially Independent

April 17, 2018


Meet Dolla Dolla World, the company aiming to empower the next generation of boss girls to take control of their finances. 


Featuring BRUJAS founder Arianna Gil, YouTuber Bobo Matjila, Trans activist and author Charlie Craggs and musicians Malaca Mala and Donia Tazi, the video reiterates that although women have come a long way, we're still not equal to our male counterparts in the workplace. "We still have to prove we can do a man's job, better than a man."

Aiming to Kickstart around £35,000 in just 33 days, Dolla Dolla World intends to fund a programme of classes and mentorship schemes that will reach younger creatives how to be financially clued up and independent. According to the company's fundraising page,  50% of women admit they are often nervous about the financial choices they make. This is mainly due to the fact that economic literacy is not a standard component of the K−12 education curriculum in the United States and most countries. 



"If our government isn’t going to ratify girls’ and women’s rights to equal pay and economic parity, and our education system is not going to recognise that financial literacy should be part of every high school curriculum, then girls and women need to get the knowledge (and power) necessary to build a new system themselves." States the campaign. 

“With U.S. women set to  control over two-thirds of the nation’s wealth by 2020 but only 12% of girls feeling confident in their financial skills, we can no longer afford to not actively and aggressively support young women in their pursuit of financial knowledge and professional opportunities,” said Dolla Dolla World founder and Irregular Labs co-founder Molly Logan. “In addition to reaching our Kickstarter goal, we also hope more girls and women will realise that when they control their money, they control their world.”

If the funding is successful, over the course of three months this summer, Dolla Dolla World will provide a free space which will host talks, workshops, panels, one-on-one consulting and job fairs. That sounds pretty good to us! So what are you waiting for? Help fund the creative future.





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