Learn How to Ollie with Kayla and Nike SB

September 3, 2018




 "A challenge is meant to be a challenge right?"



It's the skaters' old-age question of; how long did it take for you to learn to ollie? Ahead of this year's Go Skate Day, Kayla had a task; to learn how to master the trick in just 90 days. So, the London-based creative hopped on board to give it a go,  partnering with Nike SB to help document her journey from the very beginning.


Alongside Kayla, the clip also features female shredders from London, documenting how they feel that skateboarding is becoming bigger and better for women, discussing the importance of having all-girl skate nights and showing first-hand, the passion that drives them in their sport as the look to inspire other young women in the city to try it.  

Join Kayla and watch the short film below as she discusses her fears, struggles, failures and achievements that she experienced throughout her journey to land the trick. 



Kayla wears the Nike SB Bruin High throughout 

Director - Sannchia Gaston





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